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1. Dropship Terms & Conditions




  1. REGISTRATION FEES: RM80 for a lifetime. 
  2. COMISSION  For each item sold, you will get a COMMISSION range of RM 15- RM 35. Once registrations are complete, all the prices for each items will be automatically reduced to dropship's price. Get an opportunity to gain profits from RM 1000 - RM 3000 per month.
  3. ACTIVATION OF MEMBERSHIP: All dropshop agents need to have an active sale every month. In case, within THREE months consequently,  there is no activation, the membership will be automatic disqualified and there is fee RM 30 to activate back.
  4. PROMOTION : All dropship agents can promote offline and online; Facebook Profile, Facebook Page, Instagram, Blog, etc. Please be kindly reminded that you are not allowed to use EL HALEEMA as the name of your Instashop or Facebook page, etc.
  5. SALE PRICE : All dropship must sale EL HALEEMA products same price as at the website 
  6. TELEGRAM  All dropship must have TELEGRAM application for easier communication purposes and photos exchanging.
  7. PHOTOS : Watermaked photos and product details will be sent through TELEGRAM channel.
  8. PHOTOS : All dropship agents are allowed to use EL HALEEMA photos with logo and watermark and it is strictly NOT ALLOWED to re-edit, remove logo or crop any of EL HALEEMA’s photos that was provided to you. 
  9. NON-REFUNDABLE : All items are non-refundable and non-returnable. 
  10. POSTAGE : All items will be posted out via Pos Laju (Malaysia) or FlexiPack (International) every working days. Orders done before 10 am will be posted out on the same day while orders done after 10 am will be posted out the next day. 
  11. CUSTOMERS INFORMATION : While purchasing, all dropship agents need to fill in the addresses and contact numbers of your customers during check-out.
  12. CANCELLATION OF MEMBERSHIP: EL HALEEMA has right to cancel the memberships of the dropship agents if ;
    1. Void any terms and conditions ;
    2. Fraud to customers or EL HALEEMA
    3. Playing with the prices; sell below price than stated at
  13. CHANGES OF TERMS AND CONDITIONS : EL HALEEMA has right to add or change any terms and conditions any time and the dropship agents will be informed if there are changes.
  14. For those interested in joining our Dropship and agreed with the terms and conditions stated, you may proceed with registration and payment.